Why Wojciech Sztukowski

• Provider of regular internal and external communication and marketing copies for Fortune 500 companies

Result: your ability to obtain professional, world-class translations that enable effective communication with internal and external customers.

• Provider of regularly published strategy descriptions for one of the world's largest asset managers, with assets under management worth almost 10% of United States GDP.

Result: If they are satisfied with my work, so will you.

• Studies at Technical University, major Marketing and Management/Banking and Finance

Result: ability to understand complex business issues, from different aspects of manufacturing methods to software development or finance.

• Certificate of Proficiency in English and a university diploma in English Philology

Result: high competence in English->Polish translation.

• One of the leaders of proz.com all-time English to Polish Business/Finance, Accounting, Finance, Investment/Securities and Law: Contracts KudoZ ranking categories.

Result: qualifications proven by peer-reviewed responses to questions related to highly advanced issues.

• Native speaker of Polish, living in Poland since birth

Result: excellent knowledge of current Polish vocabulary/collocations.

• Working knowledge of written German and Russian

Result: ability to work with reference materials in these langugages.

This means that if you choose Wojciech Sztukowski, your clients will
see what you mean, hear what you have to say, and feel that they can benefit from working with you.


Banking and finance over 2,000,000 words
Articles, press releases and analyses on forex, equity and commodity markets, websites of financial institutions, financial statements, accounting guides, business plans, CEO reports, transfer pricing documentation etc.

Law over 1,500,000 words
Construction contracts (FIDIC and other), share transfer agreements, license agreements, international distribution agreements, service agreements, purchase agreements, general conditions of trade, company by-laws, articles of association, shipbuilding contracts, employment contracts, powers of attorney, lease agreements, guarantees, non-disclosure agreements, privacy rules (EU Directive based and other etc.)


Marketing materials (brochures etc.) over 1,000,000 words
Consumer electronics, industrial components, software, cars, paints, B2B services and systems etc. Also: complete sets of marketing copies for web stores selling consumer goods (website functions + descriptions of items).

Human Resources and psychology over 1,000,000 words
Codes of ethics, anti-bribery manuals, soft skill trainings etc.

Software over 750,000 words
also: SAP: training materials related to warehouse management, glossary knowledge, software strings related to accounting (my ability to understand German also proves helpful in this area), case studies, presentations 

Health and Safety over 300,000 words

Including MSDS (over 80 000 words), risk assessment records (e.g. COSHH Assessment) or safe systems of work

Business documents and correspondence over 300,000 words

Business analyses over 100,000 words

Insurance over 60,000 words

plus: Books over 1,200,000 words

Plus technical translations:
Manuals over 1,000,000 words

Including consumer electronics.

Technical specifications over 750,000 words

Standards (British, European)
over 130,000